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My Articles on Transformation and Outreach


Blessing Our City through Holistic Outreach

The kind of outreach that transforms is messier and harder than what churches normally do. But its impact is far, far greater.

Partnering with Rough-Edged Loners to Reach the Community

The rough-edged loner and the church need each other but are separated by bad impressions and misunderstandings.

Three Blind Spots of Mission

My first years as a missions pastor could have been titled, 'Discovering Three Blind Spots in Our Mission'. They caused regrettable and expensive trouble that you can avoid.

A Matter of the Heart

Guideposts, March 2016. With complete transparency, this article reveals painful details about my battle with workaholism that are not explained in my heart attack book. Watch the brief follow-up interview:

How to Make a Difference in Your Church

Pastors arenít the only ones responsible for changing churches, so here are some tips for making a difference in your church.

If only we loved America the way this Carolinian Kenyan did

A mighty tree has fallen in the City of Oaks. He was Patrick Njiraini, a Kenyan oak, an immigrant who gave much more than he took from North Carolina.

Everyday needs of neighbors easy for mission-minded to overlook

Rich or poor, professional or uneducated, loving our neighbor has to be modeled and passed on, chosen, not legislated.