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Thinking Like Jesus about the Church


Start Here

Here's the thinking behind all the videos in my Training Center, and how they move toward one big goal. 30:02 See the mind map.

Recruiting Volunteers

Recruiting by means of guilt and shame is a hopeless job. 12:59

Partners and Stakeholders

Your angle on ministry and volunteer management really matters. 12:13

Seeing "the Parish" Part 1

A broker stands between a resource and a need or opportunity. 12:11

Seeing "the Parish" Part 2

We help people in order to bless them, not so they'll join our church. 10:09

Clarifying Pathways into and through Your Ministry Part 1

We tell our people, "You're here for a reason -- to go out there." 9:41

Clarifying Pathways into and through Your Ministry Part 2

We are shepherds of leaders. We can't shepherd every individual. 7:51

Being a Good Colleague Part 1

Teachability, vulnerability, and transparency produce lasting fruit. 9:31

Being a Good Colleague Part 2

Colleagues are shaping each other all the time. 7:26

How to Surround Yourself with a Brain Trust Part 1

My heart attack in 2007 changed everything for me. 10:47

How to Surround Yourself with a Brain Trust Part 2

Your best ideas often belong to others. 14:17

The Mission Thrift Store

Field trip to one of many outreaches at Crossroads. 11:37

Boredom and Interest Part 1

My church involvement doesn't define my Christian experience. 12:54

Boredom and Interest Part 2

The real mission that Jesus gave us is an antidote for boredom. 10:17

Trying to Escape the Pastorate Part 1

Our environment needs to allow young leaders to grow. 9:28

Trying to Escape the Pastorate Part 2

Pastoring is easier and lighter when I'm where God wants me to be. 7:25

Continuity Matters Part 1

Preserving the city-reaching vision requires a well-planned transition as senior leadership hands the baton to the next generation. 11:37

Continuity Matters Part 2

Accepting a youth pastor position with an eye to becoming the head honcho is not the way to lead a congregation. 12:59

Continuity Matters Part 3

A culture of freedom to try out ideas and to modify as necessary is an essential legacy in the transition to a new senior pastor. 15:15

Continuity Matters Part 4

Let the transition process happen. The people, the board, the staff, the community partners -- all need time to adjust. Don't force it. 14:43

Pastor-Directed, Elder-Protected, Part 1

The Crossroads leadership model involves a pastor-elder relationship that can be a bit clumsy to navigate because both the pastor and the assigned elder have a certain authority over each other. 12:27

Pastor-Directed, Elder-Protected, Part 2

Crossroads elders have to learn to switch hats and to become comfortable wearing them. 10:11

Pastor-Directed, Elder-Protected, Part 3

Pastors who are elder-protected must also be transparent and vulnerable to the elder paired with them. This is quite a challenge for pastors who just want to run with their own ideas and enthusiasm. 8:00

Pastor-Directed, Elder-Protected, Part 4

Elder-protected pastors have a lot to be thankful for, even though it sometimes takes a while to see how the elders are actually enhancing the pastors' effectiveness. 10:30