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Attitude toward community

Fire up your imagination for doing local outreach.


Out of the Pews Part 1

Would the community miss his congregation if it disappeared? 11:49

Out of the Pews 2

Start where you are and be faithful with what you have. 12:40

Out of the Pews Part 3

They're willing to relate to people on levels of faith or no faith. 9:05

Now Is the Future Part 1

He came back home to give to the future. 8:18

Now Is the Future Part 2

There are lives to inspire, dreams to be born, hope to be given. 9:47

Michael the Banker

A branch manager learns how to partner his bank with nonprofits. 3:37

Being a Good Neighbor Requires Sincerity

George Ordway of Communities INC explains how persistent, sincere relationships are the way to love your neighbor as yourself. 14:51