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Basic survival

Fire up your imagination for doing local outreach.


A Wild Idea to Feed the World, Part 1

A pastor and two of his colleagues talked Steve Hickle into helping them with a preposterous goal. 7:07

A Wild Idea to Feed the World, Part 2

The preposterous goal looked much more reasonable after they stumbled onto a crazy solution. 13:06

God's Helpers of Raleigh

A local couple feeds the homeless and unemployed, and helps them get to self-sufficiency. 5:45

Wheels for Hope

When you have wheels, life is so much less complicated. 6:12

County and Church

She directs an agency that churches can work with to meet all kinds of needs. 6:28

Going to Church Was Not Enough for Him

A busy executive fell in love with the poor when he realized how much he could help and how much they gave back to him. 10:46

Helping Families Help Themselves

You might be surprised by how hard needy people are working to get by. 6:15

He Helps Adults Care for Their Parents

Adults need a lot of help with caring for their aged loved ones! 8:07

She Wants to End Homelessness

Regina finds rapid housing for women who have worked hard to prepare for independent living. 5:25